Industrial PC, Inc agrees to Partnership with Arestech

Indianapolis,  IN – March 6, 2017:  – Industrial PC, Inc., a leader in industrial computing for more than 20 years signed a partnership agreement with Arestech Co., LTD, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Arestech, an expert in embedded and automation solutions with over a decade of product development experience in intelligent embedded computing, is committed to developing innovative, high quality and high performance products for diversified technologies and applications. “Arestech strategically aligns itself with key industry partners to provide crossover with system integration partners to deliver superior design services and pioneering solutions.” According to Richard Hung, President of Arestech Co.

There are multiple benefits for both companies, according to Tim Barnett, Industrial PC’s President.  “Arestech’s superior quality and wide range of product choices allows Industrial PC, Inc. to better fit specific applications.”

“Industrial PC, Inc. has the expertise in markets that Arestech’s products would be a solid choice in.  With our knowledge of industrial rugged requirements and the current product offerings of IPC coupled with Arestech’s industry knowledge and quality products this partnership will be of great customer benefits.  Customers will be extended our 3-year warranty and outstanding technical support,” says Barnett.  “This is a win-win for customers”

Industrial PC, Inc. will not be another shopping site for computers but rather a solution specific source.

We are excited to see what new products come from this new partnership!