Fanless Embedded Computers

Fanless Embedded Computers

When you’re seeking a durable, rugged and worry-free embedded computer system, you can trust Industrial PC, Inc. to deliver.

When you’re seeking a durable, rugged and worry-free embedded computer system, you can trust Industrial PC, Inc. to deliver.


We’ve been the leader in industrial computing solutions for over 25 years. We know industrial computing.


Whether it’s pre-built or custom, you can ensure our products are durable and rugged.


You can trust Industrial PC to deliver. Quality computing systems with quality service to back it up.


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The Leader in Industrial Computing for 25 Years

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Are you looking for speed, overall performance, and/or value when shopping fanless embedded computers? Select your processor below to view products or build a custom quote.

Intel® Core™

High-performance i3/i5/i7 processors with up to 8 cores.

Intel® Pentium®

Faster speeds and more features at a great value.

Intel® Celeron®

Value-based processors with adequate performance.

Intel® Atom™

Entry-level dual and quad-core processors.


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AI/GPU Computers

Automation & Manufacturing

Digital Signage

In-Vehicle Computers


Industrial IoT Gateways

Rugged Neousys Computers

Rugged Cincoze Computers

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We offer a wide selection of fanless and traditional embedded systems designed for a variety of industrial applications, including our series of embedded systems engineered specifically for automotive installations. Many of our systems are available with a wall mount or DIN-rail mount ensuring maximum flexibility and upgradeability. Contact us today about building an embedded system that will meet and exceed your industrial needs for today and tomorrow.

What is a Fanless Embedded PC?

The way industry utilizes computers has developed to include applications inside the computers, known as embedded PC. How exactly is embedded PC different from the everyday PC? Embedded computers offer control ability in a small box and ready-to-use in an industrial environment with flexible operating systems. An embedded computer, also known as an embedded PC, is a computer system that is implemented into a larger system or intelligence system commonly used for data collection or modern interactive tasks. Embedded computers come in various shapes and sizes fit for industrial or military applications. Moreover, embedded computers play an important role in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connection between machines, people, and places.

What are Embedded Computers Used for?

Embedded computers are used in many industries in the world. Most of the industries required high-performance computers that can integrate into the existing device easily. Embedded computers are referred to as self-contained PC that are used as part of a larger system. Moreover, embedded computers serve as data collection or modern interactive tasks. There are several benefits of using an embedded computer in a larger device or system. First, embedded computers offer a number of important advantages over regular consumer PC. With the low maintenance feature, the embedded computer itself provides reliability inside complex systems. Industrial computers are designed with a fanless enclosure and a passive cooling system that helps the embedded system to remain sealed while reducing heat. The removal of the fan decreases failure rates, reduces noise, and provides space for integrated components. Furthermore, most of the environmental damages included dust, water, and vibration. Therefore, stronger protection such as metal steel or IP-rated housing can reduce environmental damages.

Advantages of Embedded Computeres

Industrial applications require a demand for systems that can operate efficiently in unpredictable settings and harsh environments. Most of the times, certain settings can take a real toll on computers whether it is due to dusty air, debris, heat damage and even a shortage of proper maintenance; this can potentially damage conventional computers from performing well in the industry. New technological advances are designed to fight the obstacles like overheating, and dust build-up that these harsh environments will bring. This requires improvements for regular working computers and they include a removal of all moving components and the fans of the systems. By doing this, these fanless computers will deliver noise-free applications, excellent thermal controls, dust immunity, and energy efficiency.

Whether you are seeking a fanless embedded computer system, rugged touchscreen technology, high-performance industrial motherboards, or a reliable all-in-one PC solution for a harsh environment, you can rely on Industrial PC to deliver.


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