Intel Core Industrial Computers

For the most demanding industrial automation applications, use an Intel® Core™ processor. Industrial PC, Inc. offers many fanless computers supporting desktop, embedded, and ultra-low powered Intel® Core™ processors.

While your instinct may be to go with the newest processors, you must consider the following when choosing a fanless Intel® Core™ computer

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CPU Performance – Decide the right mix of performance and value needed for the application.
Environment – A wider temperature spec requires a lower TDP processor. To reach a -25°C ~ 70°C operating temp., you will have to sacrifice processor speed.
Life Cycle – Processors that are designated “embedded” by Intel® allow us to offer the same PC for over 7 years from launch.
Operating System – For legacy Windows 7 support, you will need a 6th gen. or older processor. All of the computers we currently offer will run Windows 10. Linux support is dependent on the system. For help choosing, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
Application-Specific Features – Industrial computers designed for applications such as AI/GPU computing, in-vehicle, machine vision, and surveillance provide you with features and I/O common to the application.