Industrial PC, Inc. is proud to have been supplying Neousys’ rugged computers for nearly a decade.

Neousys is an Industry-Leader in Rugged Embedded Systems

Wherever a standard PC can’t go, Rugged Neousys Computers can. They’re a reliable source for dusty, hot, humid, or wet locations such as industrial sites, construction zones, or military grounds. You can also find Rugged PCs in the public safety and security sector, working in agriculture, and cleaning up hazardous oil spills.

Here are 8 reasons why Neousys was the 2022 Military + Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards Silver Honoree:

1. Industrial-Grade GPU Computing Platform

High performance with low power consumption.

2. MezIO Interface

Built to tailor your specific embedded system needs with a wide range of I/O functions and high speed board to board connectors.

3. Even Thermal Ventilation 

For better heat distribution and dissipation for optimal performance in harsh, dusty, or humid work environments. 

4. Multiple IEEE PoE+ Ports

Ready to connect all your machine vision, in-vehicle, and surveillance applications.

5. Modularized Expansion Cassette Design

A brilliant add-on card feature for seamless installation combined with structure designed for passive cooling.

6. Leading Edge Fanless Design

Premium-grade thermal pad absorbs generated heat and pushes it out through the external heatsink.

7. Ultra-Compact Chassis

Encased with a strong exterior shell topped with rugged fins for optimal passive airflow.

Available in a wide variety from alloy aluminum with or without stainless steel or heavy metal.

8. Patented Damping Solution

For shock and vibration absorption up to 3Grms for reliable, stable operations.