SuperCap UPS
Why You need SuperCAP UPS for Industrial Computers
Why You need SuperCAP UPS for Industrial Computers

For critical tasks in your organization, sudden loss of power means the loss of data, stoppage of work, and possibly hardware damage resulting in extended business operation downtime.

The PB-9250J-SA from Neousys is a standalone power backup module to protect your embedded computer from power outages. Utilizing supercapacity technology, the industrial grade, intelligent power backup module is composed of eight 370F/3.0V supercapacitors to store 9250 watt second energy providing extra operating time to backup your system.

Rugged & Instant – The SuperCAP UPS

Different from auxiliary or other emergency power systems like standby generators, the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions.

Outside of operation downtime and the loss of data or hardware as mentioned above, the near instantaneous response by the UPS can be beneficial in instances where an unexpected power disruption to the equipment could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

Composed of eight 370F/3.0V supercapacitors, the PB-9250J-SA stores 9250 watt-second energy providing extra operating time to backup your system. The PB-9250J-SA works with both standard embedded computers and in-vehicle computers with its wide DC input range and ignition control modes.

For decades, the battery has been the preferred form of energy storage as it offered a high energy density (10~100 Wh/kg). However, limited by operating temperature (typically 0°C to 40°C) and cycle life (2 years or 500 charge-discharge cycles), the battery is neither rugged nor durable enough for industrial applications. Most importantly, the battery life is affected dramatically by ambient temperatures. Studies have shown, in general, at -5.5°C, a battery’s energy storage capacity may be reduced by approximately 50%.

And for battery lifecycle degradation, the first 200 charge/ recharge cycles operating in a 25°C environment, the battery is degraded by 3.3% while operating in a 45°C environment, the same 200 charge/ recharge cycle saw a 6.7% degradation. The degradation rate doubled at the higher operating temperature, and the rate continues to multiply with the rising temperature.

Unlike battery cells, the Neousys SuperCAP UPS are composed of ultracapacitors and can operate in wide temperature environments from -25 to 65°C. They offer industrial-grade reliability and are highly durable lasting over 10 years while operating in demanding industrial conditions.

Neousys’ Patented CAP Energy Management Technology

Incorporated into the SuperCAP UPS is Neousys’ patented SuperCAP energy management. It integrates a microprocessor along with the super-capacitor and charge/discharge controller. The proprietary firmware embedded in the MCU not only monitors back-end system energy consumption level continuously, but it can also automatically initiate a soft-shutdown process to prevent data loss / corruption during unforeseen electrical blackouts.

Order Your Universal Industrial-Grade Intelligent Power Backup Module

Order Your Universal Industrial-Grade Intelligent Power Backup Module

  • Compatible with all box PCs
  • Supercapacitor-based wide-temperature operation
  • 9250 watt-second energy capacity
  • Up to 10 year lifespan with 500,000 charging/discharging cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology
  • User configurable operating parameters
  • Daisy-Chainable