In-Vehicle Computers

Fanless computers designed to run in-vehicle applications. Popular features include ignition power control, CAN bus, M12 and screw-in connectors. Our in-vehicle computers are built to handle the shock and vibration of cars, buses, trains, and more.


We’ve been the leader in industrial computing solutions for over 25 years. We know industrial computing.


Whether it’s pre-built or custom, you can ensure our products are durable and rugged.


You can trust Industrial PC to deliver. Quality computing systems with quality service to back it up.

Rugged, in-vehicle computers are built to withstand extreme environments. They are often found in railway computers, transportation centers, logistics services, fleet management, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, vehicle NVR and mobile signage for train, bus, trucks, police & fire trucks, and public transportation.

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Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Computers Since 1996

We offer a wide selection of fanless and traditional embedded systems designed for a variety of industrial applications, including our series of embedded systems engineered specifically for automotive installations. Many of our systems are available with a wall mount or DIN-rail mount ensuring maximum flexibility and upgradeability. Contact us today about building an embedded system that will meet and exceed your industrial needs for today and tomorrow.

in vehicle rugged computer

In-Vehicle Rugged Computer

Industrial rugged expandable in-vehicle computers are designed to withstand harsh operation environments on trucks, buses and trains. In-Vehicle Computers offer heat dissipation and shock & vibration resistant design, making them extra stable during mobile operations. They meet the demands of various in-vehicle and mass transportation applications.

Whether you are seeking a fanless embedded computer system, rugged touchscreen technology, high-performance industrial motherboards, or a reliable all-in-one PC solution for a harsh environment, you can rely on Industrial PC to deliver.


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