Rugged Industrial Tablets

Industrial PC offers Geshem’s field-proven tablets, designed for maximum productivity in challenging conditions. Benefit from customizable features like NFC, RFID, barcode scanners, sunlight-readable displays, IP67-rated protection, and your choice of Windows 10 or Android OS.

Rugged Tablets


Geshem’s rugged tablets deliver the power you need for demanding applications. They’re engineered with optimized thermal designs for continuous operation in the toughest environments.

Dustproof and waterproof (IP67/IP68), shock-resistant, and built to withstand temperature extremes (MIL-STD-810G), these tablets won’t let you down. Sunlight-readable displays keep you productive outdoors, while customizable features like barcode scanners and RFID readers provide a tailored field solution.



Windows Rugged Tablet

Industrial Windows tablets offer a user-friendly interface, multitasking power, and compatibility with a vast range of software. Companies like Geshem Industrial PC Solutions provide ruggedized Windows tablets designed for harsh environments like manufacturing, logistics, and field service. These tablets ensure reliable performance and the ability to run specialized industrial software.


Android Rugged Tablet

Android rugged tablets boast a flexible, open-source operating system (OS) supporting countless apps and customization. The global development community behind Android drives constant innovation. Unlike some closed systems, Android accommodates diverse, rugged hardware choices. Find Android rugged tablets with styluses, large displays, or physical keyboards to suit your needs.

If your work takes you into harsh environments where standard tablets fail, you need a rugged solution that won’t let you down. Industrial PC offers Geshem’s field-proven tablets, designed to withstand drops, extreme temperatures, dust, and water immersion, ensuring your operations run without interruption.

These powerful tablets boast customizable features like NFC, RFID, 1D/2D barcode scanners, and sunlight-readable displays, providing the tools you need for seamless productivity in any setting. Choose the power of Windows 10 or the flexibility of Android – our experts will collaborate with you to select the ideal configuration and tailor it perfectly to your specific workflows. Don’t let equipment failures compromise efficiency or safety.

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