N2930 10-inch Rugged Tablet

Powered by an Intel® Celeron® N2930 processor, the N2930 10-Inch Rugged Tablet delivers reliable performance for everyday tasks.

The N2930 10-Inch Rugged Tablet offers tailored solutions with customizable OS (Windows or Linux) and optional features like 3G/4G, GPS, and RFID.

Product Highlights:

  • Built for tough conditions: IP65 rated (optional) for dust and water resistance, plus shock protection for reliable field use.
  • Customizable solution: Choose your operating system (Windows 7/10 or Linux) and add optional features like 3G/4G, GPS, and RFID.
  • Adequate performance: Powered by an Intel® Celeron® N2930 processor for everyday tasks.
  • Versatile connectivity: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, expandable serial ports, and RJ45 LAN for connecting peripherals.
  • Clear 10.1″ display: Provides decent visibility with 350 nits brightness.
  • Compact and lightweight: Easy to carry and use in the field.

Reliable Performance & Durability

This tablet features an Intel® Celeron® N2930 processor for everyday tasks and is built to withstand demanding environments with IP65 protection (if applicable) and shock resistance. Its rugged design ensures reliable operation in the field, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Versatile I/O

This rugged tablet offers flexible connectivity with a range of I/O ports, including USB (specify if both USB 2.0 and 3.0 are present), expandable serial ports, and an RJ45 LAN port. This allows you to easily connect essential peripherals like barcode scanners, printers, external drives, and specialized industrial equipment, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflows.


Get the perfect fit for your unique needs with this rugged tablet. Choose the operating system that best suits your environment (Windows 7/10 or Linux) and further tailor its capabilities with optional features. Add 3G/4G connectivity for on-the-go data access, integrate GPS for accurate location tracking, or include RFID for streamlined asset management – the choice is yours!

Built to Last

Designed for demanding environments, this rugged tablet boasts IP65 protection (if applicable) against dust and water ingress, as well as shock resistance to withstand drops and impacts. Its tough construction ensures reliable operation even in harsh conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing the return on your investment.

Geshem N2930 10-inch Rugged Tablet Specifications

System Hardware
CPU Intel® Celeron® N2930 1.83GHz Processor
Memory Onboard 4GB DDR3 memory
Storage SSD: 64GB, up to 512GB
Hardware Monitoring Voltage and CPU temperature monitoring
Display Screen 10.1" TFT LCD
Touch Screen 10.1" Multi-touch capacitive touch screen
Brightness 350 cd/m2
Contrast 800:1
Resolution 1280*800
OS Windows 7/Windows 10/Linux
I/O Interface
Camera Front 200W, rear 500W
Audio Built-in speaker, MIC
Video 1*Mini HD
USB 1*USB 3.0 + 1*USB 2.0
Serial Port 1*DB9 (expandable 2*RS232 or 1*RS485)
LAN 1*Intel® I211AT RJ45 1000M LAN/IEEE 802.11
SIM Card 1*SIM card slot
TF Card 1*TF card slot
Expand 3G/4G optional/GPS optional/RFID optional/2D scan code optional
Wireless Wifi
BT 4.0
Power Input 5300 mAh Li-ion battery, 12V DC input (standard 12V power adapter)
Accessories With capacitive pen (optional hand strap, shoulder strap)
Vibration Protection 5-19Hz/1.0mm amplitude; 19-200Hz/1.0g acceleration
Shock Protection Acceleration 10g/11ms
Reliability MTBF≥5000h; MTTR≤0.5h
Operating Temp. -20℃~60℃, with airflow
Storage Temp. -30℃~70℃
Humidity 95% @40℃, non-condensing
IP protection level IP65 (optional)
Dimension (W x H x D) 275 *195 *28mm
Weight 1.15kg
Material Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Color Coffee gold

Order the Geshem N2930 10-inch Rugged Tablet

Industrial PC is excited to partner with Geshem, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions. Order your N2930 10-Inch Rugged Tablet directly from us and benefit from our expertise in matching the perfect configuration to your unique needs. We offer OS customization (Windows or Linux), optional features like 3G/4G, GPS, and RFID, and provide tailored support ensuring you get the most from this versatile tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Geshem Windows Rugged Tablets Different From Ordinary Tablets?

Geshem tablets are built with industrial-grade components and undergo rigorous testing (MIL-STD-810G) to withstand harsh environments. They survive drops, spills, shocks, extreme temperatures, and dust far better than consumer tablets.

Why Would I Choose A Rugged Tablet Over A Regular One

Less Downtime: They’re less likely to break, helping you maintain productivity and avoid costly repairs.
Protect Your Investment: A rugged tablet lasts longer, saving you money in the long run.
Work Anywhere: Use it confidently outdoors, on factory floors, or other challenging locations.

I Need A Windows Rugged Tablet, But How Do I Choose The Right One?

Industrial PC simplifies the process! We offer a diverse range of Geshem Windows rugged tablets with options for different performance needs and budgets. Whether you require a cost-effective solution with a Celeron processor or maximum power with a Core i7, we’ll find the perfect fit.

What Specific Features Make Geshem Tablets Rugged?

Key features include:

  • Shock-resistant materials: Designed to handle impacts and drops.
  • Sealed Construction: Protects against dust and water intrusion.
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance: Functions reliably in freezing conditions and high heat.

How Do I Know Which Geshem Tablet Is Right For Me?

Industrial PC can help! Our experts will assess your specific applications and environment.

We’ll guide you to the ideal Geshem tablet based on factors like:

Software Demands: Do you run resource-intensive programs?
Environmental Conditions: Extreme temperatures or dust exposure?
Budget Considerations: We’ll help you balance performance and cost.

I'm Interested In Geshem Windows Rugged Tablets. What Windows Versions Are Supported?

Industrial PC offers a range of Geshem Windows rugged tablets compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 10 IoT. Additionally, Windows 10 Pro, Home, and IoT versions are available for specific needs.

How Long Does The Battery Last In Geshem Rugged Tablets?

Geshem rugged tablets are designed to keep up with your workday. Many models offer up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, actual battery life will depend on how you use the tablet and its specific settings.