Industrial IOT Gateways

Neousys IGT-20 Series ARM-based Box PC is an industrial grade IoT Gateway. Unlike System on Module (SoM) that’s commonly provided as a barebone component, IGT-20 is based on AM3352 from Texas Instrument’s Sitara AM335x family and will be shipped as a ready system pre-installed with Debian.


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The industrial nature of IGT-20 means it is in compliance with common industrial certifications such as CE/FCC, shock and vibration. Another distinction IGT-20 has over SoM is that it accepts a wider range of power inputs ranging from 8 to 25 VDC (SoM usually accepts 5 VDC). IGT-20 Series IoT Gateway has I/Os that are applicable to a range of industrial grade sensors. It features one USB2.0, one 10/100M LAN, two configurable COM ports (RS-232/422/485) and an optional CAN bus port.

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Industrial IoT Gateways

In industrial IoT (IIoT) environments, smart edge devices (ranging from load breakers and meter concentrators to sensors, CCTV cameras, traffic monitoring and control units, remote PLC controllers, and other automation-enabled devices) are connected to operational networks and control centers via IIoT gateway devices, sometimes referred to as IoT edge gateways. Other common terms used for an IIoT gateway are: IoT smart gateway (or smart IoT gateway), IoT edge gateway, IoT gateway hardware (or IoT gateway software), IoT security gateway, or cellular IoT gateway.

The most talked about benefit of IIoT is the shift of focus to increased efficiency and lower costs using smart edge devices and Big Data analytics. Still, massive data transmissions to and from many IIoT devices in remote sites – over diverse network connections and in a timely manner – are not trivial challenges to overcome. Also challenging is the need for actionable information (in other words, real-time analytics) to make sense of all the data collected.

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