Nuvo-5000 Series

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of harsh environments, the Nuvo-5000 series combines power, durability, and versatility, making it a game-changer in industrial computing.

Nuvo 5000 Series

A Cutting-Edge Solution for Industrial Computing

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Introducing the Neousys Nuvo 5000 Series

The Nuvo-7000 series is built to withstand extreme conditions encountered in industrial environments. These ruggedized computers are designed with fanless cooling systems, ensuring reliable operation in harsh temperatures ranging from -25°C to 60°C.

Their robust construction allows them to withstand shock, vibration, and dust ingress, making them ideal for deployment in transportation, manufacturing, and outdoor applications.



Nuvo 5000 Series Processing Power

Equipped with high-performance Intel processors, the Nuvo-5000 series delivers exceptional computing power for industrial applications. Whether it’s data acquisition, machine vision, or real-time control systems, these industrial computers can handle complex tasks with ease. The series supports a variety of processor options, including the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for diverse industrial requirements.

Expansion & Flexibility

The Nuvo-5000 series offers extensive expansion capabilities, allowing users to customize their systems based on specific needs. These computers feature multiple PCI/PCIe expansion slots, which can accommodate a range of add-on cards for additional functionality. Whether it’s adding extra I/O ports, fieldbus interfaces, or communication modules, the Nuvo-5000 series provides the flexibility required to integrate seamlessly into existing industrial setups.

Versatile Connectivity

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of industrial computing, and the Nuvo-5000 series excels in this area. These computers provide a wide range of connectivity options, including multiple USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, serial ports, and even isolated digital I/O. With support for various communication protocols, such as CAN bus and PoE, the Nuvo-5000 series ensures seamless integration with diverse industrial devices and networks.



Enhanced Graphics and Display Capabilities

The Nuvo-5000 series is designed to cater to applications that require high-quality graphics and visual displays. With dedicated GPU options and support for multiple display outputs, these industrial computers can drive multiple high-resolution monitors simultaneously. This capability is particularly valuable in applications like digital signage, video surveillance, and industrial automation, where clear visuals and crisp graphics are essential.

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the Neousys Nuvo-5000 series of industrial computers offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking rugged, reliable, and high-performance computing systems. With its rugged construction, powerful processing capabilities, expandability, versatile connectivity, enhanced graphics, and reliable data storage, the Nuvo-5000 series is well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications. By investing in these advanced industrial computers, businesses can optimize productivity, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.


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