Android Rugged Tablets

Android Rugged Tablets

Industrial PC offers a carefully curated selection of Geshem’s Android rugged tablets, designed to conquer the toughest environments. These tablets ensure extreme durability with IP ratings, drop protection, and wide temperature operation, while the Android platform provides flexibility. Industrial PC’s expertise allows us to tailor solutions with specialized accessories like barcode scanners and RFID readers. Plus, you can rely on us for pre-sales advice, setup assistance, and ongoing troubleshooting support.

Why Choose Industrial PC for Geshem Android Rugged Tablets?

  • Extreme Durability: Conquer challenging environments with confidence. These tablets boast IP ratings, drop-proofing, and function reliably even in extreme temperatures.
  • Android Flexibility: Customize your tablet with the right specs and access the apps you need on the Android platform.
  • Customization Expertise: Industrial PC helps you build a seamless solution with custom accessories tailored to your workflow.
  • On-going Support: From choosing the right configuration to setup and long-term troubleshooting, Industrial PC is your partner. Get expert advice and support to ensure your technology investment delivers maximum value.


Geshem 8 Inch MTK 6771

This rugged 8-inch tablet delivers the power you need in a tough, field-ready package. Its MTK 6771 processor, sharp display, and durable design ensure it can handle demanding jobs in any environment. Customizable features make it a truly versatile tool.

Geshem 8 Inch 5G MTK 6877

This 8-inch rugged tablet tackles tough environments with lightning-fast 5G connectivity and the powerful MTK 6877 processor. It boasts a sharp display, durable design, and boasts long battery life. Optional features like NFC/RFID and barcode scanners maximize its versatility for any field operation.

Geshem 8 Inch MTK 6769

This 8-inch rugged tablet delivers reliable performance in tough conditions thanks to its MTK 6769 processor and durable construction. It features a clear display, customizable options, and impressive battery life. Whether you need NFC/RFID capabilities or a barcode scanner, this tablet adapts to the demands of your work.

Geshem 8 Inch MTK 6771 Front NFC Fingerprint

This rugged 8-inch tablet optimizes field work with its reliable processor, sharp display, robust design, and long-lasting battery. Streamline data capture and security with NFC and optional fingerprint reader.

Geshem 8 Inch RK3288

This 8-inch rugged tablet with the RK3288 processor is a workhorse for tough environments. It offers reliable performance, a clear display, and the durability to handle drops, water, and dust. Its long battery life keeps you connected throughout the day, making it ideal for field work or demanding jobsites.

Geshem 10 Inch MTK 6771

This 10-inch rugged tablet boasts the powerful MTK6771 processor and a larger, high-resolution display for optimal viewing in the field. Its durable construction, IP67 rating, and removable battery ensure it withstands harsh environments and long work shifts. With customizable features like NFC, RFID, and barcode scanning, this tablet becomes a truly adaptable tool.

Upgrade Manufacturing with Android Rugged Tablets

Industrial PC offers an extensive selection of Geshem Android rugged tablets, ensuring you find the ideal combination of size, processor, and features for your demanding applications. Harness the power of the open-source Android OS to tailor your device with industry-specific software, productivity tools, and streamline your workflow. Industrial PC guides you through the selection process, offers pre-sale customization with accessories like barcode scanners, RFID readers, and specialized mounts, and provides ongoing support.

Unlock the power of Android rugged tablets for your operations – contact Industrial PC today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Geshem Android rugged tablets certified for international use?

Geshem Android rugged tablets hold essential certifications for global use, including CE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS, and UN. This ensures compliance with safety and environmental standards, simplifying the export process for customers worldwide.

What accessories and features can I add to my Geshem Android rugged tablet?

Industrial PC can help you customize your Geshem tablet with a wide range of accessories and features, including:

  • Barcode scanners (1D or 2D) for inventory tracking and data capture
  • RFID readers (LF, HF, UHF) for asset management
  • Fingerprint sensors for added security
  • Specialized mounts for vehicles or workstations
  • Extended batteries for longer shifts

What's the latest Android version for Geshem tablets, and are upgrades planned?

Geshem rugged tablets currently run Android 10, with upgrades to Android 11 happening soon. Contact Industrial PC for the latest OS availability and compatibility information for specific models.

Does the tablet come with pre-installed software?

Your Geshem Android rugged tablet arrives with the standard Android OS. To maximize efficiency, Industrial PC can pre-install essential software tailored to your industry and workflow. This can include:

  • Industry-Specific Apps: Inventory management, asset tracking, field service tools, and more.
  • Productivity Tools: Secure document viewers, communication apps, and specialized software to streamline your operations.
  • Custom Configurations: Industrial PC can work with you to optimize settings and pre-load preferences for a seamless out-of-the-box experience.

What features make Android rugged tablets suitable for harsh environments?

  • Reinforced cases and shock-absorbing materials to withstand drops and impacts.
  • Scratch-resistant screens (e.g., Corning Gorilla Glass) for protection.
  • Sealed port covers to maintain IP ratings against dust and water intrusion.