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With a variety of processor and I/O configurations, Industrial PC, Inc. has a large selection of fanless computers for your automation applications.

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Built to withstand harsh environments including wide temperature, dust, and moisture, our industrial computers are designed to handle complex tasks in automation and manufacturing which will keep your application up and running where other computers can’t.

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Intel Core

For the most demanding industrial automation applications, use an Intel® Core™ processor. Industrial PC, Inc. offers many fanless computers supporting desktop, embedded, and ultra-low powered Intel® Core™ processors.

Intel Pentium

Intel Celeron

Mid-range fanless computers with embedded Intel® Celeron® processors offer ample features and dual/quad-core computing power at a great value.

Intel Atom

Entry-level fanless computers featuring Intel® Atom® processors for low-powered projects.

What to Look for in an Industrial Embedded Computer for Manufacturing

When selecting an industrial embedded computer for automation and manufacturing processes, there are several factors to consider:

Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Computers Since 1996

We offer a wide selection of fanless and traditional embedded systems designed for a variety of industrial applications, including our series of embedded systems engineered specifically for automotive installations. Many of our systems are available with a wall mount or DIN-rail mount ensuring maximum flexibility and upgradeability. Contact us today about building an embedded system that will meet and exceed your industrial needs for today and tomorrow.

Industrial Computing Use Cases in Manufacturing

Industrial Computers for Automation & Manufacturing

To control complex processes completed by machine and automation equipment, production supervisors rely on industrial machine-to-machine human machine interface systems (M2M HMIs). They can be placed on the factory floor close to the processing lines to monitor, trouble shoot and optimize line performance. Industrial HMIs offer improved hardware, software flexibility and comprehensive device management on the factory floor.

In production facilities, industrial HMIs run the latest manufacturing software to monitor every stage of the manufacturing and processing process. They transmit data from the factory floor to the production manager and control center in real time through both wireless or wired networks (see: KVM extenders). With proper monitoring of real-time data and machine performance, industrial HMIs give operators ultimate control of line performance and the durability to withstand rigors of the factory floor. They offer more intelligent functionality in controlling the processing equipment. Industrial HMIs are built with fast processors that help ensure the accuracy in regards to batch control automation and asset management systems.

Whether you are seeking a fanless embedded computer system, rugged touchscreen technology, high-performance industrial motherboards, or a reliable all-in-one PC solution for a harsh environment, you can rely on Industrial PC to deliver.


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