Neousys Ultra-Compact POC Series

The Neousys POC series is a line of ultra-compact fanless industrial computers designed for demanding applications in space-constrained environments. These tiny powerhouses pack a surprising punch, offering high-performance processing in a footprint as small as 3.5 inches.

Ultra Compact Neousys POC Computers

Whether you’re facing the harsh conditions of a factory floor or the tight quarters of a mobile vehicle, the Neousys POC series has a model to meet your needs. The latest POC-700 boasts Intel’s 13th Gen Alder Lake processors, delivering up to 1.3x the CPU performance of its predecessor. For even tighter spaces, the POC-40 is a marvel of miniaturization, squeezing impressive processing power into a palm-sized form factor.

But the POC series isn’t just about brawn; it’s also built for durability and reliability. Fanless designs eliminate the risk of dust and moisture ingress, while wide operating temperature ranges (-25°C to 70°C) ensure these computers can handle the heat. And with features like wide-range DC input and DIN-rail mounting, the POC series is easy to integrate into any industrial setup.

AWP IP Rated

The Neousys POC-465AWP boasts an impressive IP66 waterproof rating, making it resistant to water and dust ingress.

This level of protection ensures that the computer can operate flawlessly even in the most challenging environments, such as outdoor installations, industrial facilities, and transportation applications.

With its robust construction and sealed design, the POC-465AWP can withstand exposure to water jets and powerful dust particles without compromising performance or reliability.

POC-700 Series

One of Industry’s First Core I Ultra-Compact Fanless Embedded Computers

POC-700 is Neousys’ next-generation ultra-compact embedded controller, with a choice of the latest Intel® Alder Lake i3-N305 or x7425E processor that is capable of delivering up to 1.3x the CPU performance when compared to previous POC-500 series.