Nuvo-7000 Series

In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, reliable and durable computing solutions are essential for productivity and smooth operations. Neousys, a leader in rugged embedded systems, offers cutting-edge industrial computers designed for harsh situations. Among the remarkable lineup of Neousys computers, the Nuvo-7000 series stands out as a versatile and powerful solution.

Neousys Nuvo 7000 Series

Uncompromising Durability

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Introducing the Neousys Nuvo 7000 Series

The Nuvo-7000 series is built to withstand extreme conditions encountered in industrial environments. These ruggedized computers are designed with fanless cooling systems, ensuring reliable operation in harsh temperatures ranging from -25°C to 60°C.

Their robust construction allows them to withstand shock, vibration, and dust ingress, making them ideal for deployment in transportation, manufacturing, and outdoor applications.


Nuvo 7000 Series Processing Power

Powered by high-performance Intel® processors, the Nuvo-7000 series delivers exceptional computing power. With options ranging from Intel® Core™ i3 to Xeon® processors, these industrial computers can handle complex tasks and compute-intensive applications with ease.

This processing prowess enables real-time data analysis, machine vision, AI, and edge computing, empowering industries to make informed decisions promptly.

Expansion Capabilities

Neousys understands the need for flexibility in industrial applications. The Nuvo-7000 series offers an extensive array of I/O ports and expansion slots to accommodate a wide range of peripherals and interface with various devices. These computers feature multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 3.0 ports, COM ports, and digital I/O ports, ensuring seamless connectivity with cameras, sensors, controllers, and other industrial equipment.

The expansion slots allow integration of additional modules such as GPU cards, PoE+ cards, and Fieldbus cards, enabling customization to specific requirements.

Enhanced Graphics & Video Capabilities

The Nuvo-7000 series comes equipped with advanced graphics and video capabilities, making it an excellent choice for applications that require high-quality visuals. With support for multiple independent displays and resolutions up to 4K, these industrial computers excel in applications such as machine vision, surveillance, and digital signage. The inclusion of dedicated GPU options further enhances graphics performance, enabling tasks like AI inference, image processing, and 3D modeling.



Many Diverse Applications for the Neousys Nuvo 7000 Series

By leveraging the Neousys Nuvo-7000 series, industries can unlock a myriad of benefits. Let’s explore some key use cases where these industrial computers excel:

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Nuvo-7000 series is an ideal fit for transportation applications, such as intelligent traffic management, railway systems, and fleet management. Its rugged design and wide operating temperature range enable reliable performance in challenging conditions. The powerful processors and graphics capabilities support real-time data processing, enabling traffic monitoring, license plate recognition, and video analytics for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Manufacturing Automation

In the manufacturing industry, the Nuvo-7000 series empowers automated processes, robotics, and quality control systems. With its robust computing power and expansion capabilities, it can seamlessly integrate with PLCs, machine vision systems, and motion control devices. The ability to handle complex algorithms and perform real-time data analysis allows for optimized production processes, reduced downtime, and improved product quality.

Edge Computing and AI Applications

As the demand for edge computing and AI-driven systems continues to rise, the Nuvo-7000 series provides the necessary processing power and expansion options. These industrial computers can be equipped with dedicated GPU cards to accelerate AI inference tasks and support machine learning algorithms at the edge. This capability is invaluable in applications like autonomous vehicles, smart surveillance, and predictive maintenance.

Outdoor & Remote Monitoring

With their rugged design and wide temperature range, the Nuvo-7000 series thrives in outdoor and remote monitoring applications. Whether it’s environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipelines, or renewable energy systems, these industrial computers ensure reliable data collection, processing, and transmission. The multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and digital I/O, enable seamless integration with sensors, cameras, and other monitoring devices.

Digital Signage & Retail

The Nuvo-7000 series finds applications in digital signage and retail environments, where high-quality graphics and video performance are essential. The support for multiple independent displays and 4K resolutions allows for captivating visual content. These industrial computers can power dynamic advertising displays, interactive kiosks, and point-of-sale systems, creating engaging customer experiences and driving sales.

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In the realm of industrial computing, the Neousys Nuvo-7000 series shines as a remarkable range of rugged computers. With their durability, processing power, expansion capabilities, graphics prowess, intelligent power management, and long-term support, these industrial computers offer a comprehensive solution for diverse industries. Whether it’s transportation, manufacturing, automation, or surveillance, the Nuvo-7000 series is poised to drive innovation, boost productivity, and ensure the seamless operation of critical systems.


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