Industrial-Grade Intelligent Power Backup Module

  • Supercapacitor-based wide-temperature operation
  • 2500 watt-second energy capacity
  • Up to 10 year lifespan with 500,000 charging/discharging cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology
  • User configurable operating parameters
CE FCC Certified
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Supercapacitor configuration 8x 100F, 3.0V supercapacitors
Capacity 2500 watt-second
Expected lifespan > 10 years @ 25°C with 2500 w‧s capacity*
76,000 hours @ 35°C with 2500 w‧s capacity*
34,000 hours @ 45°C with 2500 w‧s capacity*
15,000 hours @ 55°C with 2500 w‧s capacity*
7,200 hours @ 65°C with 2500 w‧s capacity*Expected lifespan is 2.2x when configured as 2100 watt-second energy capacity,
or 4.8x when configured as 1750 watt-second energy capacity
Cycle life 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles*
Communication Interface 3-wire RS-232
Dimension Half-length PCIe card 167 mm (W) x 111 mm (H) (PB-2500J-PCIe)
Mounting DIN-rail or wall (PB-2500J-CSM)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 70°C
EMC CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55022 & EN 55024

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